I got my ‘what if’ for THE GNOSSIENNE MOMENT when I read a book called THE SECRET LIFE OF PLANTS. In it, a twentieth century Viennese biologist by the name of Raoul France said he believed that plants were capable of “the most violent reaction against abuse and the most ardent gratitude for favors”. My reaction was – really?

France went on to suggest that the the awareness of plants might originate in a supramaterial world of cosmic beings Hindu sages referred to as “devas” and which, as fairies, elves, gnomes, sylphs and a host of other creatures, were a matter of direct vision and experience to clairvoyants among the Celts and other sensitives. I can tell you that reading a paragraph like that got my writer’s antenna quivering and my imagination soaring.

While doing research for The Gnossienne Moment, I came across some interesting facts. For instance: Iris refuse to be mixed with other plants including dahlia and clematis. Don’t put beets and pole beans anywhere near each other, they’ll fight like cats. Keep cucumbers away from potatoes! As for onions, well don’t even mention beans and peas to them. Asparagus on the other hand gets along with everybody.

Also, remember to plant snap beans and corn on a light moon, and turnips and onions on a dark moon.

Finally, look carefully at bridal bouquets for symbolism. Lily of the valley signifies the return of happiness. Hyacinth signifies love’s constancy. And ivy means fidelity and affection.



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