That title is a roundabout way of saying a house is haunted. And how, you might ask, is that a roundabout way of saying…etc. etc. Well, I’ll tell you. If an owl is found living in an abandoned house, then it’s believed the house is haunted.

I know, your next question is: why are you talking about owls? Well, the story I’m working on right now – and I think I mentioned this before – is about an archeologist named Jane who specializes in cave art, and that’s where the owls come in. Owls are the only birds found in cave art. There’s an owl in the Chauvet Cave.

A cave might not sound romantic, but a cave in France i.e the Chauvet Cave, has to be romantic because – it’s in France, and Jane has to go to France to see the owl for herself. Notice how I sneakily worked that in. Well not really, it is part of the story after all. But now I am going to be sneaky because I’m going to flip the page and talk about REBECCA’S VOICE.

Although I didn’t have an owl lurking around the abandoned mansion Victoria Gordon came across, I wish I had, it would have been a nice touch. But, too late, that story’s been written.

Owls, ghosts, and the night have a long association. Owls are creatures of the night, and let’s face it, who has ever seen a ghost in the daylight. Ghosts, like owls, are creatures of the night. But Vicky, the protagonist in REBECCA’S VOICE does encounter Rebecca during the day. Come to think of it, she never meets Rebecca at night, she always contacts her in the middle of the day.

I’m going to leave you with this – it’s said that seeing an owl during the day is a bad omen. In the case of Victoria Gordon, I can safely say that that omen applies to ghosts as well.



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