Egyptology! Say the word and I race to my bookshelf. Oooh the hieroglyphics I wish I could read! The art work, so clean, so beautiful. The potent magic, and of course the gods and goddess.

One of the great love stories of all time is the story of Isis and Osiris. I wonder if Shakespeare had them in mind when he was writing Romeo and Juliet – nah, probably not, but I was thinking of them when I wrote THE SCROLL.

Isis and Osiris were children of the goddess Nut. That sounds strange to our ears, but marriage between siblings was common in the days of the pharaohs.

The gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt had very human characteristics. Love, jealousy, hate, envy and friendship were all part of their divine lives. Isis loved her brother/husband Osiris but their brother Seth was jealous of Osiris and made it his mission in life to get rid of him. And so began a story of love, betrayal, murder and magic, and let me tell you it makes for quiet a page turner.

Love stories are as old as time. From Isis and Osiris, to Romeo and Juliet to, well, maybe the story of you and the love of your life. Aw, love, it’s what keeps writers writing and readers reading.


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