Bug Be Gone

“I’m gonna get rid of you for once and for all!” Molly threatened.

“How?” the defiant little bug said.

“I’m going to erase your name!”

Molly’s eyes narrowed as she stared at the little bug. He’d been in her garden since early spring and even though he was small he’d eaten most of the leaves off her honeysuckles. She’d tried everything the garden centre had recommended. Nothing worked. She went on Google – no luck. She asked friends for advice which they gave her and which she tried, but, no luck. The little bug with the shiny blue wings kept right on eating the honeysuckle leaves.

One night Molly was reading a book on Egyptology and she came across a very interesting fact, it was this: The Egyptians believed that if their name was erased that they would vanish and no longer exist. Molly snapped the book shut with a snicker—she would erase the bug’s name!

“Erase my name,” the bug said with a scornful laugh, and he turned back to the leaf he’d been eating.

“Anybody that’s anybody has a name,” Molly said slyly.

The bug ignored her.

“I have three names so that means that I’m three times as important as you. Some people have four or five names, they’re really important. But to be really, really important, say like royalty, you have to have six, seven, eight, even nine names.

 Now the bug stopped eating. “Lady,” he said, “Do you know how many names really important people really have?”

Molly shock her head.

“One,” the bug said, flexing his wings. “Famous people, I mean really famous, important people only have one name – that’s all they need. They don’t need five or six or even nine names, they only need one name.”

“I never thought of that,” Molly said, sounding genuinely amazed.

The bug crossed two of his six legs, “Me,” he said, continuing his discourse, “I don’t have three names.”

“No,” said Molly.

“No. I have one name, and you know why?”

“No. Why?”

“Because I am very important.”

“You are!”

Thinking to himself, “Stupid human, thinks she knows everything,” he gave a satisfied chuckle. Then he said, with a superior air, “Do you know what it is?”

Molly shock her head.

“It’s…oh you’ll never be able to pronounce it. Get a stick and go over to that patch of sand.”

Molly did as she was told.

“Listen carefully,” the bug said. “I’m only going to spell it once.”

Molly was all ears.

The bug spelt his name out letter by letter and Molly wrote each letter in the sand exactly as he said it. “That’s a very long name,” she said when the bug was finished. The bug was smugly satisfied with himself. He’d shown the human what-was-what. He’d even made her write his name down because…

“Hey, what are you doing???” he screeched.

“Erasing your name!” Molly laughed as she swiped her hand back and forth across the sand. In an instance the long name vanished, and so – did the bug.















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