Sitting outside one starry night something shiny fell in Mary’s lap. With a startled cry she looked down, and with a surprised gasp she threw her hands up. In her lap, emitting a soft, humming sound, was a tiny silver spaceship. Before Mary could do anything, like jump up with a terrified scream, a door opened and out marched three little spacemen.

“I say, chaps, we took a wrong turn,” the first of them, a tall, thin, green spaceman said.

“Doesn’t look like Glooop to me,” said the second, a dozy looking green spaceman.

The third, an average sort of green spaceman, said, “Where are we? What happened?”

“Took a wrong turn,” said the thin spaceman.

“Did we? Let me see that map!” and the average sort of green spaceman grabbed the map from the thin man.

“No, no,” the dozy green man said. “You’ve got it upside down.” He took the map and turned it right side up. “See, we should be over there.” He pointed to a spot a hundred million light years away.

The thin green man took out a pair of binoculars and surveyed their surroundings. “If you look north,” he said, “all is clear. But,” he turned around, “if you look south there’s land and a crater.”

The average sort of spaceman grabbed the binoculars. “Wow, that’s a deep crater,” he said, looking at Mary’s belly button. Giving the binoculars back to the thin green man, he said, “What do you think we should to do?”

“Look,” said the dozy spaceman, “our mission is to rescue the Treams on Planet Glooop, but we took a wrong turn, so let’s get back in the ship, recalibrate our course, and get to hell off this godforsaken planet!” The other two nodded in agreement and back in the spaceship the three spacemen marched. Then, as quickly as they’d landed in Mary’s lap, they took off.

Mary sprang to her feet. “Mom!” she screeched. “You’re not gonna believe what happened!”




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